Local Meat

We Carry a full line of local meats which include:
  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Lamb

  • Bison

Our local Farm Partners include:
  • Todd Geisert Farms

  • RainCrow Ranch

  • SS Backwards Longhorns

  • Dierks Farms

  • Open Doors Heritage Farm

  • Big Bison Meat Company.

Here is a list of our suppliers and what they supply us!
Todd Geisert Farms - Washington, MO

Pork: Breakfast Sausages, Bratwurst, Bacon, Burgers


RainCrow Ranch - Doniphan, MO

80/20 & 90/10 Ground Beef


SS Backwards Longhorns - Medora, IL

96/4 Ground Beef

Variety of Roasts




Ox Tail

Beef Sticks


Dierks Farms - Ava, IL

Ground Beef



Beef Liver

Beef Bones


Open Doors Heritage Farms - Worden, IL

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chuck Steaks

Lamb Sausages

Lamb Brats

Ground Lamb


Big Bison Meat Co. - St. Genevieve, MO

Bison Strip & Filet Steaks

Ground Bison

Bison Bacon

Bison Burgers


Triple S Farms - Effingham, IL

Nitrate Free Bacon

No Sugar Added Bacon

Chorizo Brats

Ground Turkey

Whole Chickens

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Backs & Necks

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Chicken Feet

Chicken Livers

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